Yahoo CEO resigns amid scandal


Yahoo’s latest CEO, Scott Thompson, has stepped down amid reports of him falsely claimed to have a computer science degree from Stonehill College. The discrepancy in Thompson’s resume was first raised by activist shareholder Dan Loeb of Third Point, in which he points out to Yahoo’s board in a letter that Thompson has inaccurately added a computer science degree to his resume. All Things D has followed up on the claim, and called up Stonehill College where Thompson graduated in 1979. The college says that Thompson only graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration (Accounting), and not Computer Science.

Unsurprisingly, the embattled CEO has resigned from his post at Yahoo, with the company stating that he is leaving because of “personal reasons”. Yahoo’s global media head Ross Levinsohn will be stepping in as an interim CEO until a suitable replacement can be found. The whole affair begs the question: why didn’t the people in charge of hiring talent at Yahoo check if Thompson’s resume was legit before you know, actually hiring him?

Source: All Things D, Yahoo