Gmail now has a Preview Pane for your inbox


Checking your inbox in Gmail just got a whole lot easier.

Although I value my Google account, sifting through a heap of emails reveals the rather counter-intuitive interface of Gmail. Now, with the new Preview Pane, breezing through emails is much quicker.

This new feature can be found by clicking on the cog icon located on the upper right corner of your Gmail account. Simply select “Mail Settings” and once the page is open, click on the “Labs” tab and then scroll down until you find “Preview Pane” (the Lab features are arranged alphabetically).

Once you’ve located Preview Pane, all you have to do is select “Enable”, then scroll all the way down and “Save Your Changes”. After that, Google will automatically redirect you to your inbox.

You might notice that nothing has changed – that’s because you still need to select the mode in which Preview Pane will display your messages. The toggle button is located on the right.

There are three options available: No Split, Vertical Split and Horizontal Split (obviously you’re going to choose one of the latter two). Once you’ve selected your orientation preference, simply click on your inbox, select a message and witness Preview Pane in action.



Source: The Official Gmail Blog