Has Bitstrip invaded your timelines? How to remove annoying FB apps from your timeline


Bitstrip 1 Addie

Many of my friends, including some of the nerds from our office, have joined the bandwagon and have been flooding my timeline with their cartoon-ized selves.

Bitstrip 2 Pasas

While I have to admit that some posts are absolutely hilarious, most of them are your run-of-the-mill TMI posts that nobody really cares about.

So instead of posting this,

Bitstrip 3 Pasas

why not  just get your self something to eat instead of wasting your time and energy making and posting the stip? But anyway, thats just me.

Luckily, like any other Facebook app, there are ways to banish these little annoyances from our timeline.


The easiest way to to not-see the graphics is to click the toggle button at the upper right corner of the post to reveal the drop down menu.

Bitstrip 4 Pasas

If you just want to hide inane posts of certain people but still see the posts by others, click on Hide all from <name of friend> and repeat with all the other friends you wish to hide.  However, if you really don’t want to see any at all, go ahead and click Hide all from Bitstrips and you won’t see your cartoon friends anymore. Laugh maniacally and pet your cat.


The other way to do it is to go to the app’s page and click Block.

Bitstrip 5 Block

After the initial click, a pop-up ask you to confirm that you really want to block the app (Yes, you really do!), and that’s it, pancit! As much fun as it would be, doing this process more than once won’t really change anything, but if your anger for Bitstrips has not been satiated, feel free do repeat this as many times as you would like.

Bitstrip 6 Block


Alternately, if you’re running Chrome, you can also use an extension called AdBlock. While it isn’t an intended purpose, AdBlock is a powerful extension that can block any content from a specific URL. It’s also nice enough to walk you through the blocking process, so it should be a pain-free experience.


After doing one or all of these steps (depending on how much Bitstrip annoys you), your timeline should now be free of these crazy cartoons. Congratulations!

Bitstrip 9 Pasas