15,000 FEU Students to Become Environmental Stewards


FEU NSTP - 1700 Students on Day 1

Recently, the Far Eastern University (FEU) and the World Wide Fund for Naure Philippines (WWF-Philippines) held a series of environmental seminars under the university’s National Service Training Program (NSTP).

Led by the WWF-Philippines Environmental Education Team, the modules discussed covered climate change impacts and solutions, biodiversity conservation, water conservation, and solid waste management. The talks are expected to reach 15,000 freshmen and sophomore college students within two weeks.

“The environmental NSTP talks allow us to reach out to a wider audience and rally these young students into building a more sustainable future,” says Joel Palma, WWF-Philippines Conservation Programmes Vice-president.

One of the activities participated in by student volunteers include Water Footprinting. They calculated how much water they consume allowing them to identify which activities require the most water so that they learn how minimize water wastage. Students also took part in a skit and demonstrated how unsustainable human practices like burning of fossil fuels for electricity can intensify global warming and dirsupt natural climate patterns.

FEU’s environmental NSTP seminars underscore the academic institution’s commitment to promote environmental stewardship among its students.