Agent 47 is back


The strong, silent wetworks specialist 47 is back for the fifth installment of the Hitman franchise. Dubbed “Hitman: Absolution,” the game will take a different story path from past Hitman games. Where once 47 was out on the hunt, taking contracts, this script has him on the run, and struggling to uncover the truth behind the betrayal that cost him his livelihood, and the reason everyone is out to get him.

Along with changes to the heart of the story, gameplay will be a little different from the previous titles. There is more of a focus on action and shooting, but the game does its part to help the player along, with bullet time-esque abilities and a skill that allows 47 to see the predicted path of patrolling characters. Despite the greater focus on action, however, the developers were careful to say that series veterans will not be disappointed. They have made sure that there are still ways to achieve the ultimate rank of “Silent Assassin,” as in the earlier titles, and that there is still enough openness in the game environment for players to be creative with their hits. The fun starts on the 2oth of November, so start stretching your trigger fingers, and head over to for more teaser-trailers.