BloodLand for Android and iOS Takes The Fight to The Undead.


Zombies. Anyone who says they have jumped the shark just hasn’t had enough of them. If you need your zombie fix, and are on a ‘Droid or iOS device, head to your nearest application store and get yourself a copy of BloodLand. It’s an isometric third-person shooter that puts you and your weapon against hordes of the undead in three game modes. You have Quest mode, which allows you to unlock weapons and kill bonuses, Rush mode, where you are tasked with dispatching as many zombies as you possibly can and the zombie staple, Survival mode, where you try to hold out for as long as you can against relentless waves of biting, clawing deaders. Gameplay seems pretty fast, and a little intense, so maybe save if for when you are in a safe place, with no threat of zombies eating your face while you are distracted with the game. If zombies, guns and mobile device support aren’t enough for you, maybe the price will convince you. BloodLand is absolutely FREE. Go now!