Gigabyte Announces the World’s Lightest Notebook


Believing that a notebook can never be too light, Gigabyte has just released the 975-gram X11. This little device sports a 128-GB SSD, a USB 3.0 port, and Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor. Gigabyte managed this amazing weight-saving feat by using extremely light carbon fiber for the X11’s shell. Along with the huge reductions in weight that carbon fiber brings, it also makes for a superbly tough laptop, which the manufacturer touts as being several times tougher than devices trimmed in other, less awesome materials. To add a little eye-candy and ensure this heavy-hitting featherweight lasts, Gigabyte chose to build the X11 with a sturdy aluminum hinge, which they assure is capable of handling the stress of opening and closing tens of thousands of times. The entire package is a sleek 3.5mm at the thinnest point, and 16.5mm at the thickest. No word on pricing just yet, but if the idea of owning the lightest laptop in existence has your attention, head over to for more info and drool-worthy pics.