How to pimp your ride Gadgets-style


We here at Gadgets may be an authority when it comes to the latest tech and lifestyle offerings, but we still find it amazing to see all of that tech know-how and sheer geeky love for technology still put to practical (albeit exaggerated) use by our fellow Gadgets readers. So for today’s post, I’d like to share my best friend’s (and former contributor for Gadgets Magazine) ride and how he “pimped it out” to resemble, what he calls, his own version of “the Bat Mobile.”

Nino Avenido, Bruce Wayne/Batman aspirer once shared, “I don’t like to throw any of my old gadgets away. I believe each one still has a particular purpose. Even if they’re obsolete.”

If you like his car, you should see what he did to his condo… it looks straight out of a ship in The Matrix.


Perhaps you can send us a picture of how you “geekified” (sorry, I’m making words up) your space.