S.N.A.K. on these hotkeys, Facebook


Now there is an easier and more efficient way for you to do all of your Facebook super-poking and prodding – this I mean by way of just one push of a button (as opposed to the navigation that comes before the click of the mouse).


Introducing the ‘Social Network Access Keyboard’ or S.N.A.K. was created by Robert Amoto, founder and CEO of the company Social Keyboards who also came up with typing tools for Classmates.com and MySpace… though hopefully, this one will prove to be more successful. With 19 individual buttons, you can now readily do what you normally do on your Facebook, from poking to liking to leaving comments, uploading photos, the works. I do doubt there is a function for “stalking” but alas, we can’t have it all.

These ‘hotkeys’ will also disable once you log out so no need for you to worry about sharing your keyboard.