Unboxing the Lumia 920



Nokia has always made devices that are great in the hand and give excellent performance. We’ve never been disappointed by their phones, and their flagship ones are among the best phones you can buy. The Lumia 920 is no exception. It looks great on paper and during the launch, and we had been waiting for it for a while. It’s finally here, and you get to take a look at it with us.


The box is their typical blue slidey-out deal that’s par for the course for the Finnish brand now. Inside is the Lumia 920, wrapped in a nice shiny plastic cover, sitting on its little tray, with the pin for removing the sim cart tray.


Lifting the tray reveals the micro USB cable, charger, and a pair of nice red headphones that are not currently in the shot. (we’ll post that in a bit)

The polycarbonate body is great, and the phone feels solid with no sharp edges to speak of. It is a device that you know is top-tier and will likely outlast its owner. The device sent over is a very nice shade of red, less “Iron Man” and closer to a shade of orange. Very pretty, in our opinion. The screen is a nice curved glass with smooth edges. The phone very much feels like a smooth pebble; extremely smooth and pleasant to hold.



The screen is clear and very crisp, though if you move it quickly, you get the slightest hint of the screen refreshing. It’s not a problem though, and should barely be noticeable after a while. The phone of course runs Windows Phone 8, which is, in my opinion, one of the better-looking OSs in the market today. It’s great on such a simple, elegant device such as the Lumia.


The keys are black, which goes witht he color scheme very well, and have a very positive feel to them. The top keys are for volume, the bottom one in the shot is for power, and under my thumb is the camera button.

I have a feeling this will be another great review for Nokia, so stay tuned; we’ll have more for you in the coming weeks!