Want to kill zombies IRL? Go to Australia.


In a scenario that was bound to happen at some point, an Australian company has put together an event wherein people, armed with rifle, take out zombies who are after their sweet, sweet brains. In a beautiful convergence of tech and fantasy, the start-up company  IRL Shooter has put trigger a totally realistic event involving a huge, abandoned meat factory, zombies, and a handful of human survivors and guns.

The guns are to reportedly be highly modified M4 carbines. Thanks to the magic of some pretty nerdy tech, everything about the rifles are to be as close to reality as possible. things like the  recoil, to the muzzle flash and ammo usage will be faithful to the real spec, and each player will be monitored for kills, headshots and friendly fire incidents that may happen over the course of the game. The project started through a simple online solicitation campain, and has since gained immense popularity, and more than enough supporters to actually get off the groud.  So if zombie-slaying has always been your kind of thing, head on over to Austrailia and sign up before the October 2012 delivery date. Interested? Head over to http://irlshooter.com/ For more info.